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Please note the items below will be repeated each week, unless informed otherwise. Dairy Diaries, Dairy Diary Sets, Cookbooks and Hand Crates will be treated as one off orders if ordered using this form. For these items the quantity will be the sum of the line totals.

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Weekly and monthly accounts are issued up to the last Wednesday of the week/month and can be settled on a date of your choice, payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer.

Detailed invoices of your deliveries are automatically issued to monthly accounts and wholesale customers, weekly invoices on request.


Please make cheque's payable to "ams dairy" and either give / leave them for the roundsman or post them to the address at the top of your invoice. Please write the first line of your address on the back of the cheque.

Bank Transfers

Bank details are printed on every weekly and monthly invoice or can be requested below.

Invoicing by email

We can now send invoices by email, if you would like to receive your monthly invoice by email simply let me know your email address. You can then pay by leaving payment out, posting in or by bank transfer.

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