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Award winning fresh milk and dairy produce delivered up to four times a week. Local family run business delivering award winning fresh milk and dairy produce. Get in touch now to set up your doorstep delivery.

Did you know?

We are proud to display the Red Tractor Logo, a mark which guarantees traceable, high welfare and production standards.

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Fresh Milk

We are committed to selling only the highest possible quality milk and guarantee freshness and quality all the way through from farm to consumer.

We achieve this by ensuring that all the milk we sell is produced to the highest animal welfare standard and ensure that processing facilities are second to none. We are proud to display the Red Tractor Logo, a mark which guarantees traceable, high welfare and production standards.

Our suppliers are also accredited by the Soil Association for the processing of organic milk.

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Our Ethos

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The customer comes first

Although a dated view - it is the one we believe in and strictly adhere to. We offer a service that depends on customer loyalty which is earned, not taken for granted and to this end we try and provide the best possible service we can.

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Flexibility and service

We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements, and delivery preferences. Orders can be altered via email or answer machine or just pop a note out for your roundsman. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.

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Fresh Milk & Produce. Always.

All of our milk and produce is delivered to your door as fresh as possible and ready for breakfast.

Why Choose Us?

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We are able to supply fresh milk in traditional glass pint bottles, more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts, they can be reused many times. Glass bottles should be rinsed and returned where they are washed and sterilised prior to being refilled. This process uses a lot less energy than it takes to melt down and recycle plastic alternatives.

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Dairy UK

We are a member of Dairy UK, a trade association which brings together farmers, co-operatives, manufacturers and milkmen across the UK. As a member of Dairy UK we assist with the efforts to ensure that the industry remains safe, reliable and fair to producers and consumers alike.

Red Tractor Logo

Red Tractor

All of our milk comes from farms certified with the Red Tractor mark. The Red Tractor Logo is a certification ensuring that the produce is traceable, safe to consume and has been produced responsibly. The Red Tractor Logo also indicates that the produce has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK.

Henllan Bakery is still situated on the same site it was in 1975, but has been greatly extended. We now employ 73 staff and have 18 delivery vans delivering fresh produce six days a week, around North and Mid Wales, Shropshire borders and Wirral.

Henllan Bakery

Llaeth Y Llan is a small village dairy operating out of Wales. In business since the 1980’s, Llaeth Y Llan Dairy has established itself as a top producer of Yogurts with 15 distinctive flavours to choose from, there’s sure to be one that you’ll love.

Visit Llaeth Y Llan

Popty Bakery is a small family led bakery situated in Llanllechid in the Snowdonia national park. Established at the beginning of the 1900's as O.J. Williams & Sons, Popty bakery now serves customers all across the UK.

Visit Popty Bakery

Cae Pant Free Range eggs come from a family run farm in Llandderfel, Bala. Owned by Emma Pritchard and her partner they pride themselves on producing fresh free range eggs from a flock of over 7,000 free roaming hens.

Visit Cae Pant Eggs

Meet The Team

Andy Challoner

Andy Challoner

Owner - so the buck stops here.

In business since 1985 - I must have learned something by now... Okay, no-one answer that!
Cath Challoner

Cath Challoner

Accounts & Admin

Cath looks after accounts and admin and also volunteers at period houses helping keep britains treasures treasured.
Luke Challoner

Luke Challoner

Web Designer

Luke built this.
Oliver, Isaac & Sammie

Oliver, Isaac & Sammie Harrison

Quality Control

In charge of team building events and anything that isn't work!
Isaac Harrison

Dave Harrison


Dave is in charge of deliveries... and 3 kids. How he sleeps we'll never know...
Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings


Better known as 'Iron Man', Paul sets the pace; the rest of us eat chocolate... Serving: Little Neston, Neston and Parkgate, Paul can also be found on Andy's, Steve's & Greg's rounds.
Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton


Suave & Sophisticated and showing us all up... Serving: Puddington, Burton & Willaston
Unknown Silhouette

Steve Jones


Currently shy... Burton, Ness, Little Neston, Neston