Our Products

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We offer a wide range of milk, from skimmed to full fat, organic and even Soya. All our milk is available either in glass bottles or poly plastic. Our glass bottled milk is pasteurised and our poly milk is both pasteurised and homogenised.


We have a wide range of creams available, in smaller sizes ideal for the home as well as larger 2 Litre bottles for commercial use. We sell whipping, single and double cream.

Juices & Water

Start your day off right with a refreshing glass of one of our juices. We have a wide variety available along with sparkling and still bottled water.


We will deliver fresh bread from Roberts Bakery. We sell white, brown and wholemeal variants both in large full size loafs and half size.


Our range of yoghurts covers almost every flavour you could possibly want! Most of our yoghurts come from Llaeth Y Llan in Wales, however we also have some unique flavoured yoghurts supplied to us from Daffodil Foods.


Eggs, butter and cheese? We've got you covered.

Special Products

Check back here nearer christmas for our christmas specials.